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Options & Modules

Having chosen your package there are a number of options, modules, and extras that you may wish to incorporate and use in your website. These can be incorporated at the initial design stage, at any time during the construction phase, or after the website has been completed at a later time when you need that item. Each of the Modules / Options / Extras are independent of each other and can be added, (or removed), without affecting any other; they can also be added concurrently and integrated with each other.
For example: Let's say that WebRemixers have designed and put online your website which consists of information about your organisation and the services you offer, and its services for your clients / members. Several months later you sponsor / host a recorded event which, after discussion, you decide to make available for sale via your website, (with the proceeds going to your nominated charity), and selected clips freely available to view.
WebRemixers are able to encode your video for the web, set up the online purchasing (e-Commerce) facility, and embed the selected video clips onto a separate website page for viewing.
There are many different modules and combinations of modules available and we have no doubt that we will be able to meet your requirements in a cost-effective and timely manner. Contact us for an informal discussion.


The following modules are a selection of the most frequently requested. All are priced at 50.00 each, and include a training session.
  • Forums
  •  - Ideal for getting online feedback and hosting discussions on many subjects from members and viewable by visitors.
  • Tabs & Slides
  •  - Allows you to have several different user-clickable items on one page, operated by a tab or slide-out link.
  • Directory
  •  - Gives a searchable list of user/members under various categories with an advanced search function.
  • Image gallery
  •  - Shows images of products in one of various attractive gallery formats.
  • Embedded Video / Music
  •  - Enables video and/or music to be integrated seamlessly into your website.
  • Events calendar
  •  - Integrates a user-friendly, easily updatable calendar detailing your events with easy viewing options.
  • Slideshow
  •  - Designed as a multiple image, rotating information, and promotional slideshow for the front page (homepage) of your website.
  • Tabs & Slides
  •  - Allows you to have several different user-clickable items on one page, operated by a tab or slide-out link.
  • MiniFrontPage display
  •  - Show the Latest Buzz or Blog tab on your site, provides you with a lightweight but powerful news headline style of your most recent content items.


The following options are a selection of the most frequently requested. The individual prices shown are a one-off installation cost.
  • Animated (Flash movie) Introductory Page  -  Price Guide: 95.00 (depending on complexity of design)
    • Recommended for music artistes, film and TV promotion, graphic/animation artists, and other sites requiring customised smooth-flowing visual effects or user interaction.
    • Your existing designs and drawings used, new designs suggested and compiled into Flash for the web.
    • Flash component can be built separately and incorporated into existing/new site.
    • You retain complete ownership of source (.swf) and compiled (.fla) files.

  • Online Purchasing (e-Commerce) facility  -  Price: 300.00
    • Essential if you are intending to market your products and /or services through your website.
    • Customisable and configurable shopping cart with selectable viewing options.
    • Uses your choice of recognised payment solutions provider with certified security and encryption (eg.Paypal/WorldPay/etc.) for your customers' security.
    • Our e-commerce facility can be integrated into your current website or constructed at the same time as your new site
    • INCLUDES training session on adding/removing products meaning no external maintenance costs and greater efficiency.


The following extras are usually taken out with a new website but can be requested at any stage. We have staff that can quickly and efficiently handle these time-consuming tasks and allow you to concentrate on more productive areas.
  • Word Processing (1 page = 200 words)   3.00 per page.  
  • Digital Photography   1.50 per photo used.  
  • Text/Image Scanning   0.50 per scanned item.  
  • Audio encoding (to .mp3 format)   1.50 per track,   5.00 per album.  
  • Video encoding (to DVD format)   5.00 per hour (or part thereof).  
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