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Domain & Hosting

Domain Prices

    Registration per year unless otherwise indicated
     .com  The most popular domain  20.00
     .co.uk  UK based business or branch  20.00 for 2 years
     .org.uk  UK based organisation  20.00 for 2 years
     .net  The perfect complement to a .COM  20.00
     .org  Perfect for your non-profit  20.00
     .info  Put your information of the Web  20.00
     .ws  An all-purpose Web Site domain  20.00
     .me  A domain that's all about YOU  20.00
     .biz  A domain that means business  20.00
     .us  Get your hands on an all-American domain  20.00
     .mobi  Give customers on-the-go access to your site  20.00
     All other Country and Region domains available - email for prices
      Discounts for longer periods:   50% reduction for subsequent years paid in advance.
    Eg.1: .co.uk for more than 2 years would be 20 for 1st 2 years + 10 for each following 2 year period, so for 6 years => 40.00.  Eg.2: .com for 5 years would be 20 Year1 + 4x 10 (Years 2,3,4,5) => 60.00
      Private Registration:   Did you know that anyone can look-up your name, address, contact numbers?
    This presents a security and spamming/phishing risk. Private Registration places the Domain registration company's details there instead - you keep full ownership.
    Special Offer Cost: 7.50 per year.    NB. NOT AVAILABLE FOR .CO.UK OR .ORG.UK SITES


Server Specifications

  • Up to 100 GB of data transfer per month – now increased to 200 GB per month(for 2010)
  • Frontpage extensions
  • Unlimited POP3 'mail@yourdomain.com' email accounts
  • Email is filtered for Spam and Viruses
  • Unlimited subdomains of your domain name
               (e.g. http://subdomain.yourdomain.com/)
  • CGI-BIN directory
  • Perl 5
  • PHP 4
  • SSI    (Server Side Includes)
  • MySQL Database
  • Php/MyAdmin for MySQL management
  • Full Telnet / SSH access
  • Full FTP access
  • Detailed visitor statistics
  • Close control downflow air conditioning units
  • UPS system and Generator back-up

All of our servers contain Quad Core processors.

4 GB memory minimum and Ultra Wide SCSI Hard Disk Drives with Raid redundancy.

Our network consists of 1000Mb/s fast Gigabit Ethernet connections.

SPECIAL LOW PRICES   (per year payable in advance)

*   1000 Mb (1 Gb)       costs    £ 49.00         —    Recommended for 4-6 page sites of text/images.

*   5000 Mb (5 Gb)       costs    £ 95.00         —    Recommended business and e-commerce sites.

*   10000 Mb (10 Gb)   costs   £ 175.00       —    Recommended for video/animation/multimedia sites.

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